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Trustees and Members of the Parish Council

(Ministry portfolios are shown in parentheses)

Rector's Warden: Frances Fagan
People's Warden: Jacqueline Sephton
John Davison (Property)
Erin Hallenburg (Finance)
Synod Delegates: 
Mary Ponsford (Hospitality)
Margot Owen (Pastoral Care)
Charlotte O'Reilly (Youth Synod Delegate)
Alternate Synod Delegates:
Veronica Wright (Service Ministry)
Susan Cummings (Pastoral Care)
Parish Council Members at Large:
Carol De Boeck (Service Ministry / Community Engagement)
Susan Lazar (Worship)
Cindy Thornton-Veltri (Formation)
Veronica Wright (Service Ministry)
Joan Dietrich (Stewardship)
Other appointed positions:
Treasurer: Helen Davison
Bookkeeper: Mary Ponsford
Envelope Secretary: Jocelyn Laskey
Screening in Faith Administrator: The Rev. Paul Richards
Secretary of the Corporation: Robin Inglis
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